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Your story matters and should be told –

but it can also trap you in the past.


In truth, your story can reveal critical pieces of information that will guide you forward – or away from – the life you want and deserve.

The biggest battle is learning to appreciate, honor, and release your story before it can define you. The challenge is distilling it down to your sacred, underlying truths.

These are mine.

In my life I:

  • have been a sacrificial lamb and co-dependent enabler

  • have feared both failure and success

  • married an alcoholic

  • exhausted myself in my attempts to do it all

  • dimmed my own light

  • downplayed my successes and played small

  • stopped dreaming in favor of someone else's plans

  • struggled with perfectionism and compulsive "box checking"

  • tolerated intolerable behavior

  • hid my true self from loved ones and strangers alike


But then I:

  • chose to show up, be happy, and say yes to myself

  • saw myself as a source of light in this world

  • re-learned how to breathe

  • came to deeply know and respect myself

  • released all "shoulds" and outdated thinking

  • played, explored, and reconnected with old passions

  • celebrated each tiny movement forward

  • rejected others' beliefs about who I am

  • learned to trust my own voice

  • stopped telling my story and started telling my truth

In the years since my own transformation, I've become a master coach – working with thousands of people who want more out of life. I've turned my hobby of helping people into a career, running 3 successful businesses and raising 4 curious, kind-hearted kids. 

In short, I stopped telling everyone about my past and started crafting my future.
So can you – and you don't have to do it all on your own.

I am ready and eager to walk this path of renewal with you.

It all begins with a powerful, free 45 minute call.

If I were to say what I wanted uncensored I would say "Cindy is a flipping' rock-star of a coach! 

She has a treasure trove of tools and knowledge that she shares and implements in a timely and meaningful way. Her style is very empathetic, yet unapologetically Clear, practical and pithy!  You just know she really listens, cares and is going to offer Clear guidance! 

Cindy helped me see blind spots in regard to my learned patterns and behaviors.  Using the AsMe model to turn the mirror back toward me (myself?) to reflect in a non-threatening illuminating way I was able to see more clearly how I was contributing to the relationship issues I was experiencing.

I am so grateful for Cindy's gentle, yet firm guidance Using the ASMe model as a structure she guided me through many blind spots in a short amount of time.


- Marcia M

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