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You're cordially invited to your new, improved life. It all begins with clarity.

There are vacations, playcations, and staycations.

But what about when you need to get your head on straight, no matter where you are?

Introducing Clari-Vacations – an opportunity to get crystal clear on who you are, what you want, and how to get it. 

When was the last time you radically prioritized yourself?


This self-led, but fully-guided tour of your needs and desires has four key parts:

Anticipation -

Arrival -
Adventure - 

Action -


Pulled from Cindy Boyum's decades of experience and her signature coaching programs, Clari-Vacations are eye-opening, life-affirming, and butt-kicking – all while providing the rest and escape of a typical retreat.

Whether you join Cindy and her crew at a fabulous destination, or journey alone in a hotel a few miles from home, the process will launch you out of confusion, stress, frustration, and pain and into a brighter future.


If I were to say what I wanted uncensored I would say "Cindy is a flipping' rock-star of a coach! 

She has a treasure trove of tools and knowledge that she shares and implements in a timely and meaningful way. Her style is very empathetic, yet unapologetically Clear, practical and pithy!  You just know she really listens, cares and is going to offer Clear guidance! 

Cindy helped me see blind spots in regard to my learned patterns and behaviors.  Using the AsMe model to turn the mirror back toward me (myself?) to reflect in a non-threatening illuminating way I was able to see more clearly how I was contributing to the relationship issues I was experiencing.

I am so grateful for Cindy's gentle, yet firm guidance Using the ASMe model as a structure she guided me through many blind spots in a short amount of time.


- Marcia M

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