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Are you at odds with your body and yearning to reclaim your health and happiness?


Are you:

Struggling with chronic conditions that impede your day to day?
Continually in pain or exhausted?
Eager to make lasting changes but unsure how to start or stay committed?
Self-sabotaging your efforts to get well and stay well?

Embarrassed or ashamed about how you look?

Worn down from high stress and too little sleep?

Looking for the perfect complement to your doctor's orders?

Mind/Body Harmony can be yours. 

Partnering with your doctors and care team,
we’ll personalize a path to recovery and vitality.

My clients have experienced:

  • A deeper understanding of how their bodies work

  • Renewed energy, positivity, and focus

  • Decreased stress, anger, and frustration

  • Restful, restorative sleep

  • Empowerment to make better decisions

  • Decreased inflammation and symptoms of chronic conditions

  • Easier and more transparent conversations with their doctors

  • Improved lab results and fitness

  • Healthy, lasting weight loss


Revitalizing your body has a profound effect on your heart, head, and life!
The best way to begin is with a stress-free, pressure-free, free clarity call. I'll create a safe, open environment where you can be vulnerable, seen, and supported - with plenty of laughter along the way.

Ditch the fear of starting over. Lose the dread of letting yourself down.

Release the pain of revisiting the past.


As I promised you no one-size-fits-all solutions, the best way to learn about what we can accomplish together is by hopping on a quick, stress-free phone call. On our call, we’ll take a non-judgemental look at “what’s going on,” shine some light on the situation, maybe shed a few tears and then laugh and move forward more empowered than you ever dreamed.

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