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Do you feel unheard, unseen, unappreciated, or unlucky in love and friendship? 


Are you:

Holding onto crappy friendships out of "necessity" or habit?

Longing for balanced, committed relationships that nurture you?

Feeling disconnected in an online-centric world?

Used, undervalued, or manipulated by those who claim to care?

Unsure of your social standing or the authenticity of your relationships?

Playing a role that no longer serves you – or actively demeans you?
Repeating toxic patterns that keep you safe but sad?

Constantly competing (and keeping score) with your partner?

Left feeling resentful after continually putting yourself last?

It’s time to ditch blame, judgment, and projection

and fall madly, deeply in love with your life

and the people who deserve it.

My clients have experienced:

  • Renewed communication with their partner

  • Increased confidence, self-love, and self-awareness

  • Freedom from habitual arguing and doubt

  • Less enabling behaviors

  • Less judgment and greater compassion for self and others

  • More empowerment when meeting new people

  • Deeper passion, connection, and trust in romantic relationships

  • More honesty and authenticity in friendships

  • Healthier boundaries and expectations.


Happiness isn't a fantasy. You deserve limitless, unconditional love – both for yourself and with the people who lift you up.  The best way to begin is with a stress-free, pressure-free, free clarity call. I'll create a safe, open environment where you can be vulnerable, seen, and supported - with plenty of laughter along the way.

Ditch the fear of starting over. Lose the dread of letting yourself down.

Release the pain of revisiting the past.


As I promised you no one-size-fits-all solutions, the best way to learn about what we can accomplish together is by hopping on a quick, stress-free phone call. On our call, we’ll take a non-judgmental look at “what’s going on,” shine some light on the situation, maybe shed a few tears and then laugh and move forward more empowered than you ever dreamed.

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