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Would I be a powerful partner for your practice?
If your clients are:

  • struggling to lose weight loss after several attempts

  • unsure how to begin exercising and not ready for a gym

  • feeling overwhelmed with everyday living

  • stuck in a life that is not serving them

  • confused just “how” they got where they are today

  • seeking new normal around a health diagnosis

  • undergoing a lifestyle shift that is causing unsettledness in their mind, body and life

  • confused about how to take that first step into putting themselves on their priority list

  • working to let go of guilt or grief

  • worried if they can ever be healthy again

  • concerned about how their weight is affecting their relationships, career, sex life, etc.

  • having trouble owning their personal value

  • lacking trust in themselves to make the changes they desire to see in their lives

  • repeating old, toxic patterns in their lives

  • struggling with communication in their marriage

  • suffering from low self-value or self-confidence

  • anxious about life in general

HIPAA compliant


Coaching is offered locally in Northfield, MN or remotely, via video chat through the Healthie APP

I accept HSA/FSA Credit cards in addition to 

major credit cards.

we should absolutely discuss how to best serve them.

"When I asked Cindy to be my Wellness Coach, I knew she was skilled. I soon learned that she has uncommon insight, not only into Wellness, but into life and living. Along with ways to show me how to define my future, she showed me how to move rapidly toward it. She uses extraordinary motivational skills, learned through a lifetime of coaching sports, Fitness, Wellness, and now Infinite Possibilities."

- Richard L.

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